About me

Growing up on the Östergötland Plain, I had a typically rural relationship with animals and the natural landscape, which gave me a deep respect for all living things. That means long-term thinking and striving for a sustainable way of life.

I earned a bachelor degree in Social Studies during the period when community work was an obvious part of social work. As a student I experienced the strong force of creating change together. Later I took part in an international exchange programme with social workers from all over the world. This helped me understand the importance of learning from those with differing experiences.

Curiosity creates knowledge thirst

My curiosity and thirst for knowledge have impelled me to carry on learning and educating myself. I have qualifications in psychotherapy (stage 1) and in counselling (45 credits). I hold an MA in social work, focusing on leadership and development. I have now embarked upon a course of postgraduate study in practical occupational knowledge.

My theoretical base is psychodynamic, system theoretical and social constructivist, which means that I have a strong humanitarian foundation and I am motivated by an unquestioning belief in knowledge in all its forms.

In my work, too, I have sought new challenges. I have extensive experience of leading work groups in development work and organisational changes within the entirety of the welfare field. This means that I have built and developed various businesses in which I was responsible for personnel and budgets. In all assignments the requirements have been collaboration and cooperation with several other players.

Leadership provides a large network

For the past twelve years I have been director of research and development in the eastern part of Östergötland. As director of an R&D department I have worked in a number of arenas, which has provided me with an extensive network. I have built a good working relationship with Linköping University’s undergraduate programmes and research environments, where we have worked together to promote knowledge. My work on the establishment of the Care and Treatment College in Östergötland gave me a good overview of the labour market and education within that field.

My colleagues and I were responsible for running development projects both nationally and internationally. This provided me with valuable knowledge about project management.

Now that I have taken the step of starting my own consultancy business, I am able to offer services that are based on the knowledge and experience I have built up. I look forward to many exciting meetings.

I’m a member of the Swedish Association for social work research, FORSA and of the Swedish Association of Directors of social Welfare Services,

The heart of human strength is the power to ask questions, with courage and curiosity, and the ability to reflect.