I asked Inga-Lill to act as process manager for the evaluation of a multi-year collaboration involving a variety of interested parties. This was followed up in the form of a workshop with twenty-five participants, in which Inga-Lill, in a professional manner, highlighted the opinions of those present, clarified standpoints and gathered important thoughts regarding future collaboration projects. With her solid experience and personable manner, Inga-Lill creates an open-minded atmosphere.

Maria Tiricke
Head of Unit
Swedish Environmental Protection Agency


I have worked with Inga-Lill Felizia for a number of years developing research, including through what are known as municipal postgraduate students. Without the interest and commitment shown by Inga-Lill regarding this initiative, we would never have got as far as we did. We have also worked together on various projects, for example, “Bo vital” and “Senior citizens”.

Åsa Larsson Ranada
Senior Lecturer
Linköping University


I had the privilege of working with Inga-Lill when I was head of the social welfare service in Norrköping. Inga-Lill was then an inspirational manager for the PUFF unit (acronym in Swedish for Practice, Development, Research and Future), which meant that we, together with other municipalities in the county, gained access to knowledge and research within the social services and health and medical care. In concrete terms this meant that, among other things, we had our own employees who were able to combine their postgraduate studies with work in our departments. Through Inga-Lill’s excellent contacts with universities, we also acted as advocates for establishing an introduction for social studies graduates that might be likened to an internship. Such an introduction was also implemented within my administration. This made it easier to recruit people for child and youth care within social services. Inga-Lill also ensured that PUFF became an active member of the European Social Network, ESN.

Karl Gudmundsson
Head of Social Welfare
Jönköping municipality

Knowledge that is nurtured and nourished grows, produces a good return and can be improved upon.